Viktorija Klepsiene

Viktorija Klepsiene

Lead Test Engineer

Viktorija is a lead test engineer for Devbridge Group, and as she describes it she started testing things out from an early age. As a one-year-old, she tried testing out the limits of her crib and fell from it. Just a few years later as a four-year-old she was conducting tests on electric outlets until her brother stopped her. For the rest of her childhood and teenage years she performed tests on her brother’s electronic devices...and none of the devices ever worked again.

Now, she tests out electronics and software for her job, and has turned her lifelong passion into a way to ensure Devbridge Group’s products are the best they can be for clients.

Viktorija also has hobbies apart from testing things out. Her two favorite hobbies are on opposite ends of the activity spectrum - she loves oil painting but also loves karate. Viktorija is also a traveler, and she especially enjoyed her trip to Monsanto Mountain in Portugal and Cordoba Mosque, both of which she wants to visit again. She also enjoys learning languages, and says she couldn’t live without the Duolingo app.

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