Vincas Linkevičius

Vincas Linkevičius

Software Engineer

Vincas has an educational background in Software Engineering. As a student, he has tried to consistently use software tools that are new to him and team so that they can expand their learning as they program. Vincas always enjoys working with motivated teams and people who share his mentality about working cooperatively to achieve a common goal. As a Junior Software Engineer at Devbridge he is glad to have the opportunity to solve increasingly harder tech challenges. Disciplined and always willing to work hard, Vincas is never afraid to tackle even the toughest problems and dive into new topics. To keep track of the many things he learns, whether through work or doing research online, Vincas uses digital notebooks to help keep his mind open for creative thinking.

Vincas is an avid music fan and has been involved in the music world since he was a child. He plays music live and loves to talk about music. By continuing to delve into this passion, he is able to get himself out of the tech world and mindset, gain a fresh perspective, stay mindful and not burn out.

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