Vitalijus Bauza

Vitalijus Bauza

Software Engineer

Vitalijus is a Software Engineer who is focused on the back-end development for web services and microservices. He is motivated in his work by the opportunity to solve problems for clients, as well as his own desire for continuing to learn and to expand his skill set in the realm of IT. During the first years of his career in IT, Vitalijus had a major achievement with the successful development of a CRM program for his company.

Because of his constant desire to learn, Vitalijus spends much time on Google exploring the search engine’s endless supply of information. He also used Soundcloud to satisfy his musical interests, as well as Endomondo as a support for his running hobby. Vitalijus also enjoys traveling as it gives him the opportunity to learn about different countries and their cultures.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

Leonardo da Vinci