Vitalijus Zudenkovas

Vitalijus Zudenkovas

Front End Engineer

Before joining Devbridge, Vitalijus was responsible for IT systems development at different companies. Working with programming companies, he developed one-of-a-kind tools specifically designed for the company’s needs. In addition to this work, Vitalijus had freelance clients for whom he built websites using Wordpress and React. He also participated in front-end and full-stack development academies to build his skills. A curious and creative person, Vitalijus will be seeking mastery at Devbridge as he puts his experience to use and continues to learn so that he may build great products and deliver the highest quality work for clients.

Vitalijus has been exploring technology since he was a child. One of his favorite hobbies as a young person was disassembling radios and other electronics, then trying to put them back together. He didn’t always succeed at reassembly, but that failure helped him learn how to think creatively about using the leftover parts to build new products. Not surprisingly, one of his favorite topics of conversation is gadgets. When not exploring technology, Vitalijus enjoys athletic pursuits. His proudest achievement in life is having run a half marathon in one hour and 47 minutes.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

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