Vytautas Božnis

Vytautas Božnis

Senior Software Engineer

Vytautas earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering from Kaunas University of Technology and went on to work for five years in BSS IT. He started as a Junior Software Developer and moved up to become a Software Developer. At Devbridge, he is focused on building and maintaining complex and/or large scale software solutions for a wide range of problems. Motivated by the feeling of achievement after creatively solving a problem, Vytautas is always willing to persevere in finding solutions. To always be successful as possible in his work, Vytautas is committed to continuously learning and improving his expertise.

In his free time, Vytautas enjoys playing video games as well as participating in athletic activities such as MMA and bodybuilding. His interests also include cryptocoins and relaxing in front of the TV.

Nothing is impossible, the word it self says 'I'm possible’.

Audrey Hepburn

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