Vytautas Čepas

Vytautas Čepas

Test Engineer

A graduate of Vilnius University, Vytautas is a Junior Test Engineer at Devbridge. He enjoys working in the friendly, team-oriented environment at Devbridge where he has the opportunity to challenge himself and improve his own skills, while the team also improves as a group. Vytautas always wants to learn more and hopes to take advantage of the opportunities available to him at Devbridge to learn about new areas. For Vytautas, living life to the fullest means learning as much as he can.

Vytautas is also driven to learn in his personal life and hobbies. He recently taught himself to play guitar, with help from YouTube. YouTube is one of his main sources of education and entertainment; he watches everything from cat videos to quantum mechanics explanation videos. Vytautas also spends his free time playing computer games, watching movies, and enjoying football and basketball.

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