Vytautas Matulevičius

Vytautas Matulevičius

Junior Test Engineer

Vytautus earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business at the Kaunas University of Technology and attended Devbridge’s Sourcery Academy. For much of his career, he has worked as a driver. In 2020, he tested out the tech waters with a PHP Developer job and now can jump back into the tech sector as a Junior Test Engineer. Vytautas thrives on self-improvement and self-growth. Recognizing that growth isn’t possible without learning and experiencing new things, Vytautas doesn’t shy away from critiques and is always ready to tackle new challenges. He lives his life by a “no submission” mindset, meaning he pursues his dreams everyday, despite the obstacles and losses in between.

In his free time, Vytautas enjoys pursuing his side hustle of DJ’ing. He also likes to work out, go hiking and fishing, ride his bike, and relax in front of TV and movies. He’s also an avid YouTube watcher and podcast listener, both for entertainment and education.

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