Vytautas Paulauskas

Vytautas Paulauskas

Engineering Director of Kaunas Office

Vytautas Paulauskas is Engineering Director of Kaunas office.

Having spent the majority of his career in Software Engineering, Vytautas got to know various industries and the full development lifecycle as well as methodologies for it. At work, he is a “bottom-up” thinker and gains trust from his peers for analyzing the fine details of what he’s doing. Both at work and outside of it, Vytautas likes stepping out of his comfort zone to try something new and enjoys seeing those signs of improvement once a new skill is mastered.

In his free time, Vytautas likes spending time playing sports or travelling. He also explores various DIY forums and got into trouble too many times trying to enhance various things around the house, ranging from car’s cruise control to wi-fi transmission.

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