Wojciech Pantkowski

Wojciech Pantkowski

Test Engineer

Wojciech earned his degree in Applied Informatics from the Gdansk University of Technology where he won a competition for the best business idea. Since attending the university, he has held several positions in the IT sector prior to joining Devbridge. He worked as an Application Tester at RemiVision, as a Junior Application Tester at Clickmeeting, and as a Software Test Engineer for a Nokia project. As a Test Engineer at Devbridge, he tackles every problem he’s assigned with one goal in mind - to solve the problem. In solving problems, he also strives to learn through his work and become better acquainted with new technologies. Confident and outgoing, he’s never afraid to ask questions, try new things, or get to know his team members.

Wojciech has many hobbies, but his favorite is sports - especially team sports like football and volleyball. He also loves to travel, and is very glad to have Google Maps to make his trips easier.

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