Yves Yeung

Yves Yeung

Product Manager

Before joining Devbridge Group, Yves worked for two major international companies - IBM Global Business Services and McDonald’s Corporation. He earned his B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University, where he also minored in both Economics and Chinese Language and Culture. When he graduated from Northwestern, Yves became the first member of her family to earn a college degree. Being a first-generation college graduate is his proudest achievement.

An ongoing goal for Yves is to build products that both make people’s lives easier and amaze them with their beauty and usability. He is constantly striving to improve himself, believing that no matter how good you are at something you can always do better. Yves finds motivation in the opportunity for constant growth.

In his personal life, Yves enjoys traveling to cities he’s never been and experiencing them like a local. To do so, he has found the app Transit to be especially useful. His favorite trip so far was a solo road trip that he took through Texas, which he loved for its vast and varied character.

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