Zachary Bates

Zachary Bates

Account Implementation Specialist

At Devbridge Group, Zach will be focused on delivering “white glove” service while efficiently onboarding new clients. Zach comes to Devbridge Group after earning a double major at DePaul University and working for Aramark, Morningstar, and Konica Minolta. Before he ventured onto college and his career, Zach had the opportunity to travel through several European countries with friends. The group visited Germany, England, France, and Switzerland. Lucerne, Switzerland has stayed with Zach to this day, as he says the captured my immaculate infrastructure and architecture at the foot of the towering Alps captured his heart.

In his free time, Zach loves to read. He’s been an avid reader for his entire life, but melds his tech interests and his reading hobby by using Audible - an app he says is a game changer. Another app that Zach swears by is Robinhood. He is a savvy investor, and says one of his proudest achievements is putting away a good amount of money for his daughter’s college fund.

Hindsight, I think, is a useless tool. We, each of us, are at a place in our lives because of innumerable circumstances, and we, each of us, have a responsibility (if we do not like where we are) to move along life's road, to find a better path if this one does not suit, or to walk happily along this one if it is indeed our life's way. Changing even the bad things that have gone before would fundamentally change who we are, and whether or not that would be a good thing, I believe, it is impossible to predict. So I take my past experiences... and try to regret nothing.

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