Žygimantas Gudaitis

Žygimantas Gudaitis

Junior IT Infrastructure Specialist

Zygimantas earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Networking Administration and has previously worked for UAB Stokker. As a Junior IT Infrastructure Specialist, Zygimantas is focused on improving the workflow so that others can work without encountering hiccups and interruptions. His ability to work effectively both on his own and in a team, as well as to work fast in stressful situations, help Zygimantas to deftly handle difficult challenges and succeed in his work. Zygimantas is also a fast learner who enjoys adding to his skillset and taking every opportunity he can to expand his knowledge.

Zygimantas doesn’t only use his ability to deal with stressful situations in his professional life - one of his hobbies is dancing with fire. He is so skilled at this that he has performed publicly in front of people and even on TV. Zygimantas also enjoys gaming and traveling.

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