Žygimantas Jūrelė

Žygimantas Jūrelė

Front End Practice Lead

Zygimantas is a Front-End Developer at Devbridge Group, where his responsibilities will include writing code and designing software. Every time he designs something or writes a code that works, Zygimantas is reminded why he loves his work and is further motivated to keep learning and experimenting with new technologies. He also likes working in a team, where everyone is working to improve their own work and improve the team as a whole.

Zygimantas is proud that he has been able to turn his hobby into a successful career, especially one in a field that is constantly changing and evolving. He gets to be creative, and he gets to be happy about what he does for a living.

Outside of his work, Zygmantas’ major passion is music. Able to play bass, guitar, and drums, he has been playing in bands for much of his life. Because of his love of music, Spotify is his favorite app and one he would have a hard time living without. In addition to music, Zygmantas also enjoys football, both watching it and playing it. He also enjoys just relaxing in front of a variety of movies and tv shows.

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