Access and display PowerUp data anywhere through a new web portal

Today Devbridge expanded its exciting PowerUp mobile platform to include a responsive web portal, allowing digital leaders to access data related to their software projects from virtually any internet-enabled device, at any time.

PowerUp is a live product health reporting tool that shares the progress of enterprise software projects in real time—including time tracking down to 15-minute time increments. Using PowerUp, decision-makers can see what their teams are working on and access product team progress using more than 30 key performance indicators.

Devbridge releases PowerUp web portal

We launched an enhanced PowerUp app for iOS and Android in Oct. 2017. After receiving valuable user feedback, we worked to release a responsive web version of PowerUp, also. Now, users can access the project metrics PowerUp provides from just about anywhere. Using the new portal, Devbridge clients can view, download, and share project data instantly.

The customizable reporting in PowerUp provides decision-makers with the information they need to successfully manage their product portfolios and navigate digital transformations.

“PowerUp is a key differentiator for us in enterprise software development,” Aurimas Adomavicius, president at Devbridge, said. “It’s a tool that creates trust and transparency with our clients, which helps us build better partnerships and make better software. I’m immensely proud of the transparency PowerUp offers and that we’re continuing to expand PowerUp to meet the needs of our clients.”

A key step in adopting Agile at scale is building a transparent process, and the importance of tracking metrics in that process cannot be overstated. PowerUp offers that transparency by tracking all aspects of the Agile delivery process in real-time—from team velocity to the time entries of individual contributors. PowerUp provides the fundamentals for such reporting.

“A key Devbridge value is ‘transparency.’” Sriram Ramanujam, a Devbridge senior product manager who helped build the PowerUp, said. “PowerUp is an investment in that value. It shows that, at Devbridge, transparency isn’t just a buzzword. Good or bad, our clients will know the status of their products because they’ll have all the information we have.”

You can explore PowerUp for free at, or download the app in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play. Learn more and check it out for yourself here.

Learn more about PowerUp by watching the video below.