Devbridge expands Lithuanian office and Sourcery Academy

Devbridge recently celebrated the opening of its new office in the capital of Lithuania to accommodate a growing team of highly skilled IT professionals. The new office is now home to more than 70 developers and quality assurance specialists and the company plans to hire an additional 100 staff per year. In addition, Devbridge plans to extend its highly competitive Sourcery Academy to Vilnius to train and retain Lithuania’s emerging young IT talent.

The mayor of Vilnius, Remigijus Šimašius, and Aurimas Adomavicius, Devbridge president and 2016 Global Lithuanian Award recipient for attracting investment to Lithuania, officially announced the office’s opening on January 28. According to the Mayor, enterprise development and educational activities contribute significantly to Vilnius’ IT sector growth and competitiveness, which means more opportunities for IT professionals.

Devbridge Vilnius

The Vilnius IT sector is a burgeoning powerhouse that is rapidly expanding and composed of high-quality engineering professionals and digital technology specialists. "Devbridge provides opportunities for our professionals in the United States and Canadian markets - it's like playing in the NBA of technology. It is my pleasure to salute this rapidly growing team of professionals, which develops high-performing digital solutions in the global IT market, " said Mr. Šimašius in his opening speech.

Thanking the mayor and assembled guests, Adomavicius emphasized that Vilnius was chosen because of the Lithuanian work culture and professionalism, and the capital is currently concentrated with a number of highly qualified professionals. "We are software designers and developers that are trusted by global FORTUNE 500 companies. Naturally, we want to make great software, and to do so requires us to attract more Lithuanian talent that can outperform our U.S. and global competitors. Our original office in Kaunas paved the way to ensure that top programmers provide exceptional service to our clients. Now it's time to expand our Vilnius presence and beyond," said Adomavicius.

The new office was officially declared open by the mayor of Vilnius and Devbridge’s CEO and VP of Engineering, Martin Stasaitis and Viktoras Gurgzdys, respectively. Instead of a classic ribbon cutting ceremony, the three were challenged to “hack” the opening code for the office.

Devbridge Vilnius Office Opening

During the event, Devbridge also announced its plans to expand its Sourcery Academy to Vilnius, which was established to help university students improve their software development skills and prepare for a career in the IT industry. The program has been highly sought after for the past three years in Kaunas, Lithuania. Bi-annually, Devbridge organizes a free, three-month course. Typically, only 20 out of 150-plus individuals will pass the entrance exam and only a handful will be offered a position at Devbridge.

"Learning is an integral part of our business. We have high expectations for our professionals, so we feel a great responsibility to educate existing and potential employees who are starting to study programming," said Gurgzdys.

As Devbridge continues to grow, so will its offices. Next up is a new office for our Canadian team based in Toronto, followed by a brand new facility for the team in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Devbridge Toronto
Sourcery Academy for Testers: Ieva Berankienė

Sourcery Academy for Testers: Ieva Berankienė

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