Devbridge joins Cognizant Softvision

Five key points on why the acquisition is good for our employees, clients, and partners.

Devbridge has agreed to join Cognizant Softvision to continue scaling our product design and development services.

Together, we will be acting as the tip of the spear for premium product design and development at Cognizant. We will continue using our people, process, tools, and product metrics to help large organizations realize results from their strategic digital initiatives.

Melding our 600+ person Devbridge team with the 4,500 employees at Cognizant Softvision gives us tremendous scale and agility to deploy our product teams and pods faster.

We're very excited about what's coming, and we think you should be too. Here are five key points to help illustrate why this is good for our team, clients, and partners.

1. It's business as usual...

How we build great digital products stays the same. We're keeping the same structure of delivery teams, the same cross-functional model and global talent, same blended rates, and the same methodology and transparent delivery process. We will continue doing what we do best–building elegant enterprise applications that deliver results for our clients while creating opportunities to grow.

2. With added global talent

As a result of the acquisition, we now have access to additional engineering talent pools in Central Europe. Viktoras Gurgzdys, VP of engineering and Devbridge co-founder, will be leading all European delivery as we advance. This acquisition will immediately scale our delivery team to over 5,000 engineers, primarily in Romania, Poland, Lithuania, and Ukraine.

3. Plus new communities of product designers and product managers

The acquisition has given us access to 500 in-market product designers and product managers that are already part of the Cognizant Softvision team.

4. We keep our proven methodology and leadership team

We love what we do and we are going to keep doing it. All the Devbridge founders are sticking around. Each is taking on a new role within Cognizant Softvision to combine the best aspects of both companies and scale with a stronger team, memorable culture, and tight methodology to continue to deliver for our clients and partners.

5. We can now offer our premium product development capabilities to Cognizant clients

Procurement can be challenging and time-consuming to navigate at large enterprises. Devbridge can now operate under Cognizant MSAs and contracts, reducing procurement friction to get started faster. In some cases, it may even lower the bar to tap into the premium consulting services provided by Devbridge and Softvision.

Uniting these great teams is an incredible opportunity for us to scale our organization to the next level. We want to thank you for your trust. We will continue to deliver for our clients and team, and now we will be able to do so at scale, even faster.