Devbridge lands on the Inc. Best Workplaces Editors' 2021 List

2020 was a record year for Devbridge, exceeding 33% growth, record profit, and more than 100 new employees–pushing our team to over 540! It was also a year for the record for all of us. We forged deeper partnerships with our clients, vendors, and teammates. Together, we truly delivered results, helping our team and our clients (even their clients!) adapt and excel in a dynamic era. While we do build game-changing software, this award is a true testament to our team. Our people are what make Devbridge a great place to work.

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The team matters.

Our culture is anchored by our values. Whether on a macro level with clients or micro-level working with others, we pursue the goal to make great things, seek mastery, embrace transparency, take ownership, deliver results, and have fun.

As part of our commitment to our team, we took stock in our benefits and listened to learn what was meaningful to the team. Armed with direct feedback, the company invested in expanding our benefits package, adding 6 new benefits to support our team. Check out more on our perks here.

Make great things.

We strive to build products that are fast, effortless to use, and aesthetically pleasing. We want to make things meaningful and worthy of our time. To have predictable outcomes, we need two things:

  • A shared value system that empowers the team to make the right decisions

  • A shared and well-understood process that helps ship consistently

When working in teams, even a brilliant individual contributor is only as good as the collective. Furthermore, long-term success can only be achieved with consistent output. We encourage iteration–build, measure, learn.

Seek mastery.

Ongoing learning and training influence what we do and how we do it. Our Sourcery Academy includes a series of educational courses sponsored by Devbridge that are facilitated by industry veterans to educates kids, college students, and seasoned professionals on subjects of product management, design, and coding.

At Devbridge, we believe in creating our own destiny and leaving a strong legacy. Sourcery Academy gives our employees an opportunity to give back to local communities by teaching the next generation of technologists in Lithuania, Chicago, and, most recently, a special academy for developers in The Gambia.

We have invested over 20,000 hours in the program, giving 420 lectures across 10 cities for over 700 graduates. We have a stellar 94 percent graduation rate, and 80 percent of graduates are employed after completing the program.

Embrace transparency.

We're an open book, literally. The Secret Source, written by Devbridge President and co-founder Aurimas Adomavicius, is a book covering what we do and how we do it. It's not theoretical. It's tactical. The book is now available on Amazon and Apple Books.

Take ownership

Born out of multiculturalism, we recognize that diverse perspectives and backgrounds bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our culture is built around those determined to create their destiny. The unique balance of leadership, autonomy, and empowerment is why the company continues to be successful at scale.

We're hiring. See open positions for product designers, managers, and engineers and apply to be part of the team!

Deliver results

While we ship great products, we also lay the foundation for healthy metrics, delivery process, and technical maturity. Read about our methodology here.

Have fun.

We've always been up for trying something new and fun. Celebrating with one another took a new shape. We hosted virtual cooking classes, online poker tournaments, and scheduled 1:1 coffee meetings to maintain connections while working remotely.

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