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Devbridge releases a new book: The Secret Source

A Proprietary Step-by-Step Plan for Launching A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Sharing the Trade Secrets That Produced Worldwide Market Share

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Devbridge, one of the world’s fastest-growing digital product firms, helps Global 2000 companies achieve organizational change. Devbridge is giving business leaders a proprietary look into their processes through the eyes of President and Co-founder Aurimas Adomavicius by launching The Secret Source, a book detailing a step-by-step approach to growing a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

From creating automated shift assignments for doctors and nurses during the pandemic to increasing lane throughput for logistics companies, Devbridge products produce greater efficiencies to impact client outcomes.

The Secret Source is a recipe created by five friends who grew a company from a tiny basement office to multinational success valued at over $150 million. Devbridge created jobs for 500+ employees with offices in Chicago, Toronto, London, Warsaw, Kaunas & Vilnius, Lithuania.

“This book is invaluable for C-Suite executives and product managers who recognize the need to start a change process, adopt a product-centric mindset, and create a competitive advantage,” says Adomavicius.

The Secret Source was created to give employees and clients open-door access to Devbridge’s corporate culture, transparency, accountability, and demonstrable outcomes. Now, what only has been proprietary, is available for free download at

“One of our key differentiators is transparency. Devbridge provides an open-kitchen concept so our clients can track real-time, on a day-to-day basis, what we are working on to fulfill their objectives,” added Adomavicius. “What separates us from our competition is our heavy emphasis on customization of products and a confidence guarantee where change will net the greatest return.”

Business executives can use this cataloged experience and acquire a 360-degree understanding of what enables Devbridge teams to ship products up to four times faster than the industry average and remain sustainable.

Starting from their first clients, Devbridge has grown exponentially to work across all industries, from financial services with Wells Fargo to digitizing R&D workflows with John Deere and seat mapping for United Airlines.

Adomavicius is a global speaker in demand, having presented about product strategy at Money20/20, Sibos, Bureau of Digital, Techweek, and SXSW. He won the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2018.

Devbridge builds digital products leading global enterprises to achieve organizational change. For more information, visit

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