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Devbridge honored with Fair Pay Award, ranking first place

Devbridge recognized for having the fairest remuneration in Lithuania.

Devbridge, a digital product and technology consultancy headquartered in the US, was recognized for having the fairest and most non-discriminatory remuneration policy for its employees at the Fair Pay Awards. The winners were announced based on a detailed remuneration survey conducted by the Baltic Salary Survey, in which the most advanced companies from all over Lithuania participated.

Transparency is an indisputable value.

According to Raimonda Alonderienė, Devbridge Director of People & Organization Development, from the very beginning of the company's establishment, all information has been shared with employees, from financial results, income, or even the profit made. Employees know the level and pay scales of their own and other positions. They are informed in advance of the expected level of bonuses at the end of the year, the expected next pay review date, and clear criteria against which they are assessed in their daily work.

Transparency has always been and is one of Devbridge's core values. We value each employee individually, regardless of their gender, beliefs, or sector specifics. Although the IT sector has historicallly been dominated by men, we have actively sought to attract more women and ensure equal opportunities for all in the workplace. This assessment is the result of our entire team's work, on the back of which we want to send a clear message to all Lithuanian companies and possibly to those people who will want to join us in the future. We are interested in talking to candidates from any social group. Job opportunities and rewards depend on accumulated competencies and how much personal effort everyone will put into achieving their own, the team's, and the organization's goals.

- Raimonda Alonderienė, Director of People & Organization Development at Devbridge

Earning first place recognition

According to Povilas Blusius, a remuneration consultant of the Baltic Salary Survey, companies were evaluated according to four main, differently weighted criteria in the annual survey, including:

  1. homogeneity of remuneration, which measures the difference between the lowest- and highest-paid employees of the basic remuneration of the same positions,

  2. market standards, which assess the proportion of employees whose remuneration does not reach the lower market standard (10th percentile),

  3. how much the weighted gender pay gap differs in the same positions,

  4. and gender ratio in the company's management.

This year, companies were rewarded in categories based on employee numbers. In the small business category (up to 500 employees), first place went to Devbridge.

Every year, a large number of companies strive to be amongst the top positions. This study is exclusively empirical, encompassing objective factual data analyzed using an algorithm that incorporates the four aforementioned criteria. It is gratifying that most of the companies surveyed are doing well in terms of these indicators. It's especially satisfying when companies promote a healthy gender balance in management, as we've seen at Devbridge, and that's not very common in the IT sector. Also, Devbridge's remuneration in the same positions differs by only 8 percent on average. This ensures an equivalent remuneration, yet leaving room for individual employee skillsets to be appropriately differentiated.

- Povilas Blusius, Renumeration Consultant of Baltic Salary Survey

While salary is important, it's not everything.

According to Raimonda Alonderienė, each IT product created is unique, so employees are constantly improving by delving into the technical and customer subtleties of a business. Working in IT requires constant development of competencies and updating of technical knowledge. All this effort and complex work must be evaluated correctly, both in financial terms and giving employees excellent opportunities to grow, both in terms of competencies and positions, and ensuring a healthy and cozy atmosphere at work.

Employee benefits should not be limited to salary, a free home lunch, or some popular one-off bonus. Delicious coffee, free lunches, events, or a full fridge of treats are already hygienic things. We don't focus on one specific thing, like rewards for good health or life insurance, which we update every year in response to our employee's needs. We want to care for overall employee wellbeing systematically. Even with our benefits package, we need one that ensures diversity and that our team members are happy and successful in their work. And for that, we need not only to maintain employee emotional and physical condition but also provide opportunities to improve and grow.

- Raimonda Alonderienė, Director of People & Organization Development at Devbridge

Exceptional HR practices recognition in the US

This year, Devbridge's good HR practices were also recognized on the other side of the Atlantic. The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For honors enterprises for exceptional human resource management practices and an unconditional focus on employees.

The selection of the best organizations takes into account criteria, such as communication, work-life balance, diversity within the company, and employee promotion and evaluation programs. Participating companies also have the opportunity to compare their human resources achievements with the results and effectiveness of other companies, regardless of whether the company was founded and operates in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, or Chicago.

The annual Best and Brightest Companies to Work For recognizes companies whose internal practices set trends for other companies at national and regional levels. We are very proud to have been named in the competition this year as one of the most exceptional HR and employee-dedicated companies in the United States. Employee wellbeing and career success often begin with the choice of company, which is why experienced professionals choose their employer carefully. The organizational culture, value base, operating principles, structures, and processes are important to them. We are very pleased that we meet and ensure all these expectations of employees both in Lithuania and around the world, " the manager emphasizes.

Devbridge lands on the Inc. Best Workplaces Editors' 2021 List

Devbridge lands on the Inc. Best Workplaces Editors' 2021 List

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