PowerUp: Unrivaled transparency in enterprise software

Too often, large enterprise software projects go off the rails—and decision-makers find out too little, and too late. One way to prevent these failures is to provide transparency—sharing key data to keep things on track.

It’s one reason we built the PowerUp app, a tool that provides our clients with live project reporting, down to 15-minute blocks of team members’ time.

“Devbridge is unique in the way we work with our clients, allowing them to see every aspect of the product as it is being developed,” Aurimas Adomavicius, Devbridge president, said. “We believe this is crucial in allowing us to work effectively together as a cross-functional team and ultimately ship better product to market faster.”

Sriram Ramanujam, a senior product manager at Devbridge, agrees. “Transparency helps us be better, more valuable partners to our clients,” he explains in this video about the comprehensive, live data PowerUp provides.

Learn more about how PowerUp offers transparency by watching the video below:

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Full Stack Friday: Radical transparency

Full Stack Friday: Radical transparency

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