Introducing Sourcery Academy for Product Managers

For the past three years, Devbridge has hosted Sourcery Academy, an education program that allows students to learn skills that prepare them for a career in IT.

The initiative, established by our engineering organization in Lithuania, worked in collaboration with universities in Kaunas and Vilnius, the country’s two largest cities. Over the past few years, Sourcery Academy has been a way for us to give back—to share what we’ve learned with the next generation of developers and testers.

"Learning is an integral part of our business,” Viktoras Gurgždys, Vice President of Engineering at Devbridge, said. “We have high expectations for our professionals, so we feel a great responsibility to educate both existing employees and potential new hires."

Today, we’re excited to reveal that we’re bringing Sourcery Academy to Chicago for product management. Just as Sourcery in Lithuania began as a way for us to give back to the development community, Sourcery Academy for Product Managers is a way to give back and share what we’ve learned in the field of product management with tomorrow’s tech leaders.

Sourcery Academy for Product Managers offers hands on training for future product managers

Why is Devbridge doing this?

As a technology company founded and headquartered here in Chicago, we're invested in seeing the technology industry succeed. We want to see the product management community here in Chicago continue to evolve and grow as a center for technological advancement, and we want to help drive that growth forward.

We also have a vested interest in educating the next generation of product professionals. We're always looking for talented people to join our product management team—last year we hired a dozen new product managers, alone.

We believe there's a lack of practical, hands-on training geared towards product managers in the Chicago area. There are plenty of Agile certification courses, but few of them teach practical skills you need to be successful in the role. We also dive into a number of new areas rarely taught in these programs like lean requirements gathering, design thinking, and dual-track scrum. This four-week course will provide hands-on, real-world experience and insight from Devbridge employees and leadership. Check out the video below to learn more about the program.

How will you learn?

Each class includes a mix of presentations, discussions, real-world scenarios, and activities designed to help you perfect your skills. We believe strongly that you learn best by doing. Yes, we'll have lectures from Devbridge product managers—people who deliver products every day—but a practical exercise will be the core focus of each session.

Our teachers will not only educate you on the mechanics, but they'll also help you build the soft skills required to be successful in the role. Throughout the process, our Product Managers will work alongside you to provide insight and feedback along the way.

Devbridge is thrilled to bring Sourcery Academy for Product Managers to Chicago

How do you learn more?

Want to learn more? Check out the Sourcery Academy for Product Managers page. While you’re there, you can apply and tell us a bit about yourself. Not ready to apply just yet? Send us a note at We’ll keep you updated as we continue to provide more details over the coming weeks!

Sourcery Academy for Testers: Ieva Berankienė

Sourcery Academy for Testers: Ieva Berankienė

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