IT Company Devbridge Opens a New Office in Vilnius

Hiring More Employees in the Capital


Employees of the Vilnius branch of the US programming service company "Devbridge" celebrate a housewarming. The company moved to a completely newly designed spacious office on Žalgiris Street in the historic Skansenas district. More than 230 IT specialists from the capital and the Sourcery Academy, which develops the country's young IT talents, have settled into the modern premises.

According to Viktoras Gurgždys, Vice President of the company and Head of the Lithuanian branch, Devbridge plans to maintain a rapid growth rate both in Lithuania and Poland over the next five years. The need for development is dictated by the requirements of digitised solutions and growing customer orders.

“The increasing complexity of our customers' business challenges encourages us to constantly change and enables us to be globally competitive. For many years, we have been working with the world's largest companies in the manufacturing, financial, and service sectors in Western Europe and North America. Every year we receive new and increasingly bigger and more interesting orders, which receive international recognition. Growing customer satisfaction with our work has helped us to implement this rapid development, so one of the organization's main tasks today is to build a strong team, expand the diversity of their technological competencies, and, at the same time, help customers achieve their strategic business goals,” says the Devbridge CEO.

Contributing to Technology Sector Prosperity

According to Aušrinė Armonaitė, Minister of Economy and Innovation, Devbridge only confirms that our professionals and their ideas can achieve amazing success.

“From a campaign set up by five friends to a technology industry leader today. Obviously, we can make unthinkable things possible. Once again, I would like to congratulate the entire Devbridge team on their new home in Vilnius,” the Minister said.

According to Elijus Čivilis, CEO of "Invest in Lithuania”, Devbridge's success story once again testifies to the favorable environment created by Lithuanian talents for the technology sector to flourish.

“We are delighted that Devbridge's professional community contributes to the provision of services of strategic importance. It thus promotes the name of Lithuania as a reliable partner to the world's largest companies in the manufacturing, finance and services sectors,” E. Čivilis said.

The Office Bringing Teams Together

Since opening its offices in Lithuania in 2011, company employees have become the most important element of successful activities. The experienced professionals are the ones helping attract new talent and promote company growth. According to Viktoras Gurgždys, it is important for rapidly growing teams to be together and improve. Therefore, innovative spaces are needed, where everyone not only feels comfortable, but will also have the space they require in the future.

“During the company's 11 years operating in Lithuania, we have had to change offices several times. Out of this, not only have we learned a lot of lessons, we have also clearly identified what we need. Our teams decide for themselves whether they would like to work from the office, home, or elsewhere. However, working comfortably, meetings, team activities, or just live communication remain very important. That is why we want the best and most modern office for our employees. We are confident that live communication will be increasingly important for our work model and our teams.

Good emotional and physical health at work will always remain a priority for us. As such, the main criterion for choosing new premises is even greater convenience for our employees. The office's location and infrastructure were also important. Teamwork is very important in our company, so the aim of the new office is to create a cozy, comfortable, and innovative space that is a pleasure to work in. We have also taken into account such things as office size, even more modern ventilation and acoustics, as well as a large gym, an enormous private rooftop terrace where we can organize company events, conferences, or simply use it as an additional leisure space," said the head of the IT company.

The new office has a roof terrace with a jogging track, sports, and event spaces offering panoramic views of historic Skansenas. The internal office staircase connects all three office floors, which are particularly spacious and wide, with an amphitheatre and alternative workplaces. And, of course, we have office reception and general event spaces. A large gym, play spaces, coffee, and informal communication and recreation areas are also available.

Plans for Even Greater Expansion

According to Viktoras Gurgždys, focusing on impeccable product quality, and developing and fostering a strong expert base has allowed Devbridge to grow from a team of just a few people to one of the global leaders in software development, and to open offices in Chicago, London, Toronto, Vilnius, Kaunas, and Klaipeda.

Devbridge opened an office in Warsaw in May and promises to continue to expand actively further afield. At the end of 2021, one of the region's largest transactions meant Devbridge became part of Cognizant Softvision, a global company that develops customized digital products. The company's core purpose will remain developing cutting-edge software to provide invaluable tools for the successful growth of global companies, industries, and business organisations.

The organization currently brings together a community of more than 700 members from five countries around the world. The company's strategic goal is to help customers to look at business processes through the prism of creating innovative digital products. Since its founding, the company has grown by an average of about 30 percent annually, and has increased its turnover by 30 percent over the past three years.