IT company Devbridge to enter the Lithuanian market and develop technological solutions for Freda, a local furniture company

Devbridge will aim to improve efficiency at the furniture company’s factory by creating a tool that will allow them to monitor how the production plan is being executed in real time.

For the first time in its history, technology consulting firm Devbridge (a Cognizant Softvision company) is beginning cooperation with a Lithuanian capital company – Freda, which is one of the largest furniture manufacturing companies in the country. Devbridge will aim to improve efficiency at the furniture company’s factory by creating a tool that will allow them to monitor how the production plan is being executed in real time.


According to Viktoras Gurgždys, Devbridge vice president and head of the Lithuanian branch, the services that they will be providing to one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the country will help improve work efficiency at the company’s factory by creating a tool that will allow them to monitor how the production plan is being executed and respond to all production deviations.

“At the moment, the company needs a tool that allows them to see the data they need to make the right decisions in a timely manner, so as to save and reduce the company’s costs. We work on the basis of multidisciplinary teams, which means that the entire team bears responsibility for the development and launch of the product at every step of the process. Accordingly, this is also a direct responsibility for business objectives. We’ve been using this model for quite a few years now in working with our clients based in North America and Western Europe – we are not only focused on software development, but on the creation of business results as well,” emphasized Mr. Gurgždys.

Being proactive will make it possible to reduce waste

According to CEO Rimas Varanauskas, Freda will strive to optimize work and make planning more efficient. We want to change the on-line process of monitoring details and production batches, and quick response to changes in the situation.

“We’ve been in operation for quite a few years now, but we realized that we have challenges that we can’t resolve on our own. We have to transform our business from the inside out and follow the path of digitization. Even though we’re growing quickly, many of our processes are still done manually, so we looked for opportunities to digitize those processes. We want the business to run more efficiently. The goal of our collaboration is to enable Freda employees to work proactively, instead of only reacting to changes when a problem arises. Understanding the logic of a specific business, ascertaining the limitations, and proposing solutions is an extraordinary challenge, and Devbridge has teamed up with Freda to take on this challenge. So we started looking for someone who has the right competencies and could take on our project. Meanwhile, for Devbridge, which never had any clients in Lithuania before, it was pretty unexpected. However, considering the fact that we’re a fast-growing company that currently has as many as three factories, and that all of our products are manufactured for international customers, we definitely convinced them that we would be a reliable partner. Besides, the challenge that we decided to take on together is an interesting one and very ambitious,” said the company’s CEO.

Will optimize production work

Mr. Varanauskas emphasizes that the company will strive to create a system that could be a facilitator for the entire production unit in the long run. The goal is to ensure the continuity of production in real time and avoid various malfunctions that hinder efficient work.

“This will allow us to optimize the flow of different materials, reduce response times, and make the right decisions. We hope this will be a win-win project, since we will be sharing our knowledge about our complex manufacturing processes with Devbridge’s experts, and they will be able to share their insights on how to help us streamline those processes. The fundamental expectation to become partners in this project and in the long-term perspective, and to have colleagues who will be ready to help and implement innovative ideas together,” underlined the CEO.

Will try to resolve business challenges

Mr. Gurgždys emphasizes that they will strive to create a tool that, above all, would be useful for business improvement.

“So in this case, the biggest challenge is to quickly create something that can immediately bring benefits in everyday work. Responding in real time to the execution of the production plan, which requires the constant, continuous work and special attention of many employees, would make everyday life much easier for the furniture company’s staff. Software is just an artifact that is created along the way, and our teams work with goals to achieve certain business indicators as well. This is our strength; not only do we know how to create software – we also know how to analyze the business, conduct quality market research, and effectively use the data collected, thus contributing to the achievement of the desired business results,” emphasized Devbridge’s vice president.

Devbridge is a privately held software consulting and product development company. The organization is currently united by a community of more than 700 professionals working in five countries around the world. The company’s strategic goal is to help clients look at business processes through the prism of creating innovative digital products.

In late 2021, Devbridge merged its software product engineering and service capabilities with Cognizant and became part of the global giant. The company’s main goal will continue to be creating cutting-edge software in order to provide invaluable tools to help global companies, industries and business organizations grow successfully.