Kickoff 2019: The team matters

Every January, our teams get together for a massive industry event—the Devbridge Kickoff. With more than 500 colleagues, three bands, six global offices, and four guest clients, the fest is a massive logistical and financial investment. Some may ask, "What's the point?" The short answer...because the team matters.

Embrace transparency

One of our core values is transparency—an approach to internal and external communication that borders on radical candor. Nothing is out of scope as it pertains to sharing company objectives, results, failures, and future plans. This includes sharing all our financials with the team—as well as openly discussing delivery challenges, leadership failures, and lessons learned. Throughout Kickoff, speakers peel back the layers of how we "make the sausage" and dive into the gritty details of what makes us one of the fastest growing companies in the US six years running.

Aurimas Adomavicius, Devbridge President, Kickoff 2019 Chicago

A first for us this year...the inclusion of multiple clients in the event.

A major asset management company based in the UK, a large healthcare provider from the US, a leading eDiscovery SaaS company, as well as one of the top four consultancies in the world...all standing shoulder to shoulder with us on the stage and sharing their failures, successes, and strategies. An unintentional result—our clients establishing relationships and insight by connecting with their peers in an environment which fosters collaboration.

Our objectives for the event are:

  • Foster transparency and open communication with the team (and clients).

  • Build alignment around objectives.

  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the growth mindset.

We're looking forward to Kickoff 2020 as we plan to expand the event and invite all of our clients to participate in an environment of learning, sharing, and creating momentum. Thank you all for the trust and business to date. Here's to a challenging, demanding, and exceptionally productive year!

Check out the video below for a quick recap of Kickoff 2019.

Devbridge women at work: Evelina Mikelaitytė, Senior Front-End Engineer and Team Lead

Devbridge women at work: Evelina Mikelaitytė, Senior Front-End Engineer and Team Lead

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