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Devbridge earns Miro expert status

Streamline collaboration with distributed teams

We’re proud to announce that we’re Miro experts. Featured experts are hand-selected consultancies or agencies with deep expertise utilizing the visual collaboration platform and best equipped to help others tackle tough challenges.

Over the past year, businesses have come to rely on remote collaboration tools to keep our distributed teams and clients connected (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.) more than ever. With in-person workshops and meetings coming to an abrupt halt, we had to pivot quickly and find a substitute for facilitating these activities in virtual settings. Enter Miro.

To date, we’ve used Miro to facilitate workshops, define MVPs, map out prototypes, showcase plans for stakeholders rolling out new initiatives, create roadmaps for planning, even storyboard videos. With Zoom fatigue being very real, here are a couple of ways we’ve leveraged the whiteboard collaboration platform to keep distributed teams connected.

Facilitating remote workshops effectively

Our Lean Requirements workshop guarantees we build the right product, for the right reasons, and use real user feedback along the way to validate the investment.
In the interactive session, product teams work with stakeholders to build alignment around an identified digital opportunity, establish a go-to-market roadmap, and prioritize features necessary to achieve business goals in less than two days.

Our user-centric methodology helps the team define just-enough product requirements to get started. When in-person, we use low fidelity tools like post-its and sharpies to map out plans. We created a Lean Requirements workshop template to facilitate these sessions regardless of geography.

Building stakeholder alignment

A key output of our workshop is ensuring stakeholder alignment. Getting everyone on the same page and in agreement is no small ask. Stakeholders each have motivations and opinions on what to build and why. Recognizing the complex nature of rolling out new initiatives, products, or programs across organizations, we built customizable stakeholder management templates. Use these templates to map out priorities, identify and create an action plan for champions, and manage objections and mitigate risk.

You can learn more about our methodology here.

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