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Navigating digital transformation: Focus on the customer

When companies embark on digital transformations, they typically begin with a small group protected from the rest of the organization. These pilot teams often find quick success, due in part to the support and attention these groups receive. Large enterprises, especially those in financial services, often approach us with a similar dilemma: How does this scale?

After all, if digital transformation is limited to one pilot project, the many operational areas that are left untouched (or maintain business as usual) will limit overall company growth. The answer involves aligning the company around the products being delivered, as we discuss in a recent white paper, “Your Customer is the North Star: Navigating Beyond Digital Transformation.”

Navigating digital transformation: Think agile

The ultimate goal: Deliver the right products, built on extensible modern tech stacks, in the most efficient way possible. Instead of prioritizing organizational structure (complete with rigid job roles, processes, and tools), companies should focus on customer- and product-focused goals.

Specifically, leaders must embody these priorities and then empower cross-functional product teams. Functions should not be siloed, teams should change frequently (depending on project priorities), and resources should be allocated to the most critical projects. After all, decentralizing work to those best equipped to make decisions will improve and expedite product releases—and the value companies deliver to their customers.

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In the video below, Aurimas Adomavicius, Devbridge president, and I discuss some of the analysis and insight you'll find in the white paper.

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