Navigating digital transformation: How to achieve continuous deployment

Continuous deployment enables companies to build higher-quality products and bring them to market more quickly and economically. In addition to our own experiences with clients, industry best practices back this up—for instance, code at Amazon is deployed about every 11 seconds. For best results with continuous deployment, bake it in early in the process, in what we call Sprint 0.

Below are our suggestions for achieving continuous delivery, which we review in more detail in our white paper: “Your Customer is the North Star: Navigating Beyond Digital Transformation."

How to achieve continuous deployment
  • Select a pilot program that can leverage DevOps. The pilot’s budget should fall in the $1-5 million range so that results can be demonstrated quickly.

  • Build a beachhead team. This should be a cross-functional, blended team with employees from both sides who can collaborate. Internal teams pick up skills from an external resource while operating within the context of a real project—not just theory.

  • Use delivered product as a foundation of DevOps and a driver of cultural change.

  • Advertise engagement across the organization as a metric of success.

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In the video below, Aurimas Adomavicius, Devbridge president, and Chris Wilkinson, director of product design, discuss some of the analysis and insight you'll find in the white paper.

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