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Podcast: Design leadership’s biggest challenge may be its mindset

Let's shift our thinking about design.

Recently, Carl Smith owner of Bureau of Digital, invited Chris Wilkinson, Director of Product Design at Devbridge, to appear on his podcast to speak about a shift in perspective around the value of design.

Carl reached out to 100+ design leaders posing the following question, “What are the biggest challenges facing design leadership?” Among the sea of replies, Chris’ response stood out, noting that none of these challenges should really be challenges if we shift our thinking around what’s next for design. He went onto explain that there's been a lot of focus around making sure design's voice is heard and then to quantify the value. However, a critical next step is to treat design as a function.

Tune into the podcast to hear about this mindset shift and ways we can help prepare the next generation of design leaders.

For a full transcript of the podcast, go here.

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