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PowerUp: Delivering more control in custom software

Each software development project is unique—and no two products are the same. Knowing this, when we developed the PowerUp app, a live project tracking tool we use with our clients, we made it completely customizable.

Depending on the project, clients can view more than 30 key performance indictors, such as velocity and burndown charts.

“We wanted enterprise CIOs to have full control over what metrics are in the app,” explains Sriram Ramanujam, a senior product manager at Devbridge, in this video about how PowerUp provides clients with control. “While some might be focused on budget, others might be more concerned with delivery timelines. Thanks to PowerUp, executives have actionable insights at their fingertips.”

Learn more about how PowerUp offers control in the video below:

Learn more about PowerUp and how it accelerates products to market.