ProductCon 2020: Achieving product-market fit

Lessons learned

On September 10, 2020, product professionals worldwide gathered virtually for ProductCon NYC, one of the largest product management conferences. Attendees heard from a variety of product leaders from top technology companies like Nike, Etsy, and Walt Disney to enterprise leaders like myself. The topics discussed ranged from product strategy and growth to tactical elements like roadmapping.

I was fortunate to be a panelist on achieving product-market fit in saturated markets alongside Richa Pareekh (Uber), Alexa-Manturana-Lowe (Fivetran), and Simone Barsky (Discovery). We discussed product-centric topics such as client stories, prototyping, delivering relevant product and user experiences, product investment, metrics, and viability. Check out the video below to hear the discussion in full.

Watch the talk:

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