Rapid Prototyping and rebellion against inefficient business process

Changing the important and long-established process of software design within large organizations is difficult. Due to risk-averse management principles, distributed responsibilities and habit, enterprises struggle with effectively pivoting to embrace new, nimble technologies and processes (such as Agile). Even if internal groups understand the need to explore new ways of improving either business workflow or customer experience, figuring out where to begin can be overwhelming. Multiple stakeholders complicate matters. Divergent opinions enter the discussion, leading to analysis paralysis. Though a desire exists, traction can be hard to gain under the weight and complexities of the enterprise, budget allocation, and the need for in-depth requirements.

Devbridge has learned, however, that rebels exist within these tides of institutional lethargy and frustration. These non-conformist pirates want to commandeer the corporate vessel and steer it towards technological prowess, tailored business logic and focused customer experience. However, they struggle against ingrained corporate processes that make it nearly impossible to challenge a lack of innovation and outdated procurement standards. Lately, these rebels have been finding their way to Devbridge. Not entirely unlike Tortuga in the 17th century, we welcome them with open arms, a flask of rum and a complimentary pet parrot.

That’s not to say that any of us are pirates in the traditional sense, however. In reality, we simply appreciate that it's hard to be a rebel within a corporation. Rebels have constrained budgets, seldom make friends, and possess seemingly radical ideas. But we've made it easier for these outside-the-box thinkers to win alignment between stakeholders with our Rapid Prototyping model. Using a relatively low-risk initial step towards a larger development initiative, sponsors can validate their ideas, see designs, and perform user testing with interactive prototypes. This experience gives insight into working with Devbridge as an organization. It allows our developers to crawl within the weeds of technical spikes and build a detailed roadmap for full product to-market strategy.

Once a prototype is built, these rebel pirates can persuade their colleagues of their noble cause. They've gained confidence among their peers, funding for innovation, and respect from the leadership for their unbridled pursuit of a better user experience. Using lean requirements gathering, user experience design, and Agile software development, we've collaborated with internal innovation teams to produce software that helps businesses be more profitable.

If you're a rebel with a cause, let us show you how we've transformed business - let's be outside-the-box thinkers together. Step on board, captain.