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Sellfy - E-Commerce for Digital Products

There is a common perception that selling digital products online takes a lot of work and cost a significant amount of money. From web graphics, templates, photos, fonts and to software – you may need custom development, a licensed shopping cart software, and a payment gateway. A recently launched start-up called Sellfy avoids all of this hassle and promises to make the online sales process as easy as pie. Sellfy also reinvents the way you think about promoting products and enhances sales by utilizing social network based discounts.

Sellfy - simplify commerce

“We offer an easy-to-use interface and you can start selling your digital products almost instantly” says Sellfy co-founder and CEO Maris Dagis. “Drag-and-drop your product, set the price and get your “buy now” button! Embed it on your website, Facebook page or simply share on Twitter. That’s it!”

Sellfy takes care of the rest: you get a secure place to store your products, Sellfy makes sure that you get paid and delivers the product to the end customer after the purchase. All you need is a product itself and a PayPal account. In exchange for these services, Sellfy takes a small 5% transaction fee. There are no subscriptions and that means that you can start selling without upfront costs!

Sellfy makes e-commerce platform choice the easiest part. Once set up, it all comes down to marketing. Majority of solutions out there do not offer additional functionality besides securing funds and delivering the goods. Sellfy, however, is already integrated with Twitter and Facebook  and allows merchants to reward customers with discounts in exchange for a “Like” or “Tweet”.

Sellfy - simplify commerce

Sellfy wants to reinvent the way merchants think about product promotion. Customer recommendations are probably the most powerful way to advertise products. Simple tools provided by Sellfy enable you to extend your reach to a mass of potential customers.

Many merchants have already started using Sellfy for various products – digital music, eBooks, document templates and code snippets. Below you can see an example of a customer selling  audio tracks on his own website and using Sellfy to handle the sales process.

Sellfy - simplify commerce

Sellfy, who was launched just over a month ago, already has attracted more than 300 sellers who are taking advantage of the unique features. To try Sellfy please visit

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