The Lithuanian-founded academy will train young programmers in Poland

The "Sourcery Academy " is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to start a career in IT.

US technology consulting company Devbridge will train young programmers in the Polish capital for free. Young people showing the greatest motivation and passing an exam will this year start studies at The "Sourcery Academy for Developers" in Warsaw. They will study according to the unique learning program created by Devbridge programmers in Lithuania.

According to Viktoras Gurgždys, Vice President of Devbridge and Head of the Lithuanian Division, increasing demand for new employees stems from the progress of technology at a tremendous pace, the development of the IT sector, and the rapidly growing wishes of customers.

"It is estimated that by 2030, there may be a worldwide shortage of some 4 million IT specialists; so we must look for ways to attract IT professionals, not only in Lithuania but also in neighboring regions. Not only should we expand the scope of the talent search, but more and more IT companies need to invest in the training of young professionals. Our organization's strategic decision to join Cognizant Softvision will undoubtedly open up even more opportunities, not only for our current but also for future employees, who we will look for in the neighboring regions. This action will continue to contribute to their active development and growth throughout the region," affirms Mr. Gurgždys.

He further states that, in particular, the need for digitized solutions has boosted positive economic changes in the IT sector this year, which has naturally increased the workload of technology companies as well.

"Many successful IT companies have created jobs and expanded during the pandemic. We have also opened an office in Poland and have already brought together over 30 highly qualified professionals. We continue to plan for significant development in this country. With the Sourcery initiative, we aim not only to promote the importance of social responsibility but also to contribute meaningfully to the implementation of change outside our country. We will continue to work actively and contribute to the improvement of the image of the technology sector not only in Lithuania but also worldwide. For ten years in Lithuania, we have been actively investing in non-formal education of children, as well as in both students, and adults who want to change their profession," Mr. Gurgždys adds.

Bringing young programmers together in Poland

According to Łukasz Pijanowski, Lead of the Engineering Unit in Engineering, the Sourcery Academy is a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to start a career in IT. Our mentors engineers working with real Devbridge projects - they share their hands-on experience, not only some imaginary examples.

Sourcery Academy for Developers is a training program for anyone who wants to develop their programming competencies and integrate more quickly into the technology job market. The program lectures and presented case studies will focus on problem-solving. Thus, the program participants will not only learn to work in a team but also solve problems when developing digital products. We recommend students who have chosen to study computer science to apply, as well as those going further in learning the basics of programming, and those who want to change professions and successfully start in a competitive Polish IT sector, ”he further emphasized.

For a decade, Devbridge has not only been actively contributing to the development of future professional programmers but also preparing professionals from other fields seeking new career challenges. At the company's free Sourcery for Developers Academy, participants have so far been taught the basics of programming not only in Lithuania, but students from West Africa have also taken advantage of this opportunity. It is hoped that the curriculum developed and improved by Devbridge professionals in Lithuania will not only help to qualitatively prepare young people for the labor market anywhere in the world but will also deepen their self-acquired theoretical knowledge.

Available twice a year in the spring and fall, the Sourcery Academy for Developers is a free, three-month academy for beginners who want to develop programming skills and integrate more quickly into the technology job market.

Invitations to distance courses will be received by 60 registered candidates from Vilnius, Kaunas, and Warsaw. Participants will work in groups, where everyone will expand their knowledge during the individual and group tasks. In the spring, participants will learn.NET programming language, and in the fall - JAVA technology.

Academy participants will create real web projects, consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge in practice, apply Agile project management methodology and principles, and get acquainted with the software development and deployment processes. Participants will work on real projects and attend remote weekly lectures, as well as improve their skills through teamwork. They will be supported by company professionals: mentors and lecturers. Those wishing to participate in the academy are invited to register by February 23, 2022.

More information about Sourcery Academy for Developers can be found HERE.