In the news: What’s the value of design thinking?

As a methodology for problem-solving, design thinking isn’t new. However, in recent years design thinking been championed as a way to rapidly transform businesses in an era where many are scrambling to catch up to competition in the digital space.

Given the promise of value, it's no surprise that design thinking is a much-discussed topic—cynics might even call it a buzzword. In two recent articles below, experts from Devbridge were asked to weigh in: What is design thinking? Does it provide value? Is it working? If not, why?

Design thinking: A practical approach

What is design thinking and how can it drive competitive advantage? Chris Wilkinson, our director of product design, recently spoke with Diginomica on how giving design a voice at the highest levels of an organization can transform not only custom development, but business decisions in general.

Why design thinking fails

The promise of design thinking is that it makes the customer the North Star, which guides businesses to cut through the noise and provide something of tangible value. However, statistics show that 70 percent of digital transformations fail.

Why? Is this the fault of design thinking, or the organizations hoping to benefit from it? CIO recently asked Devbridge president Aurimas Adomavicius, among other experts, “If design thinking is such a great idea for a successful digital transformation, why aren’t more companies effectively using it?” Aurimas argues that design thinking falters when organizations fail to understand the culture shift required for it to be successful.

More on the topic

On a related note, we discussed how to keep a digital transformation on track in a recent white paper. You can watch Chris and Aurimas discuss the topic in the video below.

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Product design and development

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