Winning customer experiences: Improving the purchasing journey

A customer’s journey of getting to know a company usually begins with the purchasing experience. It sets the tone for the entire relationship. The importance of this early interaction is why every business should view their customer acquisition process as a key differentiator that is worthy of serious consideration.

In our recent white paper, “Winning customer experiences across the machine lifecycle” we examine how machinery manufacturers can create a delightful purchasing experience using digital solutions.

Winning customer experiences in manufacturing

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The purchasing experiences that employ an omnichannel strategy build the most robust customer relationships. A 2018 Foresee survey found that 49 percent of consumers who started a purchasing journey on a mobile device completed that purchase on a mobile device. Another 41 percent used multiple channels. Manufacturers must be able to seamlessly transition potential customers from research, to quote, to purchase, regardless of the channel they use.

Traditionally, manufacturers relied on brick-and-mortar dealer networks to guide customers through the purchase process. However, the profile of the typical machinery buyer is changing. Millenials make up a third of the active workforce. Even farming is seeing a seismic shift in its demographics. For only the second time in the last 100 years, the population of farmers under the age of 35 has increased. This new generation of decision-makers expects to be able to educate themselves and, if desired, complete a purchase all on their own.

As the white paper outlines, this is why strategic investment in a world-class digital experience can create greater competitive advantage than quality hardware or a big brand name.

Look for more blog entries in our Winning customer experiences series over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can download and read the full white paper at

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