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Winning customer experiences: Enabling innovation with a digitized workflow

Now more than ever, machinery manufacturers must deliver innovative products and services if they want to preserve their brand equity. Yet, the rate of innovation in manufacturing remains slow, relative to other industries.

In a recently published white paper, “Winning customer experiences across the machine lifecycle,” we look at how one multinational equipment manufacturer was able to overcome organizational inertia and accelerate innovation with a custom-built digital solution.

Winning customer experiences in manufacturing

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For most companies, investment in internal tools or applications is frequently overlooked because these are rarely linked to increased revenue or profit. Engineers, procurement teams, and planners—the people responsible for bringing innovative products to market—are often left to wrestle with legacy information systems that are inefficient and lack a single source of truth. Departments are siloed and the data that drives decisions is scattered across a mish-mash of platforms. Obtaining actionable insight becomes an enormous challenge.

Off-the-shelf digital solutions may promise a quick fix to these sorts of problems but most do not have the customization or extensibility necessary to fluidly integrate with a company’s existing processes. More often than not, they force organizations to adapt to them rather than the other way around. As the case study in our white paper illustrates, custom applications that perfectly mesh with established practices can quickly be built and implemented for a minimal investment.

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