Your Team at Your Fingertips–Introducing the PowerUp App

Your Team at Your Fingertips–Introducing the PowerUp App

We believe that missed deadlines, tripled budgets, and unresponsive teams should not plague the software industry. In fact, we practice complete operational transparency with our clients. We build long term partnerships based on trust, responsiveness, and accountability. I’m thrilled to present the new Devbridge PowerUp App for iOS – an interactive project management platform you can use in the office, or on the beach.

PowerUp serves as an extension of the Devbridge Experience, providing comprehensive insight into the status and history of all your active projects. It offers insights on the financial status of project, team activity, timesheet details, and provides an easy way to reach your PowerUp team with a single tap. The features included in our first release are just the beginning of the industry disruptive application that PowerUp will become.

Your Team at Your Fingertips–Introducing the PowerUp App

Project Status

From listing of all team members, to number of project hours worked, the app provides you with a thirty thousand foot view of all your projects. You will also be able to receive real-time updates on your iPhone about utilization of resources across various practices (such as design, development, front-end, quality assurance, and others).

Activity Tracking

The app provides detailed time entry logs for each of the team members. We track time in fifteen-minute increments and provide explanatory summaries of work completed for each. The information is grouped by day and team member, allowing you to quickly scan progress on various components of the project.


Sweet and simple: see the person who’s managing the project on our end, click a button to call or create a support ticket. Hopefully you are already best friends with the Product Owner and will refrain from calling them past 1am.


We do it for the love of the craft, but there are still those pesky electricity bills that we need to pay. In the Invoices section you will find historical records of all invoices for your account, as well as information about paid, outstanding, and past due invoices.

Now you don’t have an excuse to not take that vacation you’ve been planning. Take the PowerUp app with you and oversee your project from the white sandy beaches of Anguilla. And if that’s not an option, I hope the app shows you how transparent and interested in your success our team is. Download PowerUp for iOS and let us know what you think.

Written by Aurimas Adomavicius