Ed Price
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The problem with Voice Datasets

Much of what NXP Semiconductors does is build and design chips. It then puts application software on top of these chips to enable customers to do things they ordinarily might not be able to do in-house— such as develop voice recognition applications. NXP has worked with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant development teams to launch development kits for both platforms. In addition, the company is also working on different modules that make it easier to train smart voice devices.

Chris Wilkinson
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Change, empathy, and adoption: Our takeaways from Money 20/20

We recently returned from Money 20/20, one of the world’s largest payments expos. What did we learn? Here, Chris Wilkinson, director of product design at Devbridge, shares his observations on how technology is nudging the banking and financial services industry to become more inclusive and forward-thinking.

Chris Wilkinson
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Speak up: The moment to act on voice UI is now

If you don’t have voice integrated into your product within the next two years, someone else will introduce a competing product that does. This article outlines what companies must do to examine their investment and adoption approach to voice as a user interface, and understand why they have that position, and what factors would need to change for them to adjust their approach.

Raymond King
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How we use Lean Requirements: An in-depth guide

Defining Lean Requirements helps accelerate software development by shortening the cycle time to gather requirements. Over the past few years, we've continued to iterate and grow this approach. This article shares what we've learned in that time and explains how we use Lean Requirements in more detail.

Rimantas Benetis
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Blockchain: A technical deep-dive into pain points and solutions

Blockchain technology is often heralded as having potentially limitless capabilities, but to fully understand it, we first must ask, “what is it?” This article provides a technical deep-dive into what blockchain is and whether its business potential lives up to the hype.

Eric Strubinger
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Ed Price
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When your cloud becomes a thunderstorm: Lessons from the Azure outage

When a severe thunderstorm took down a Microsoft Azure data center Sept. 4, it served as a costly reminder to many companies—including one of our clients—that business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP) are essential when considering cloud migration. This article outlines what migration options are best suited to business-critical applications.

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Devbridge celebrates 'International Programmers' Day'

On Sept. 13, we celebrated 'International Programmers' Day' with a gift to the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. Working with the city, we installed a 'phone lane,' a dedicated pedestrian walkway for mobile users. This article details our celebration of programmers in Lithuania and around the globe.

Ed Price
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Voice-first application design and engineering: The voice-first landscape

As digital voice assistants become more common the devices we use, companies will need to adopt a voice-first approach to design and engineering if they want to stay competitive. In this article, we access the current state of voice technology, and how companies can quickly adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Veronika Stasaityte
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Devbridge Group named to Inc. 5000 list for sixth year in a row

For the sixth consecutive year, Devbridge Group has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Inc. magazine revealed the list today, which ranks Devbridge as number 1623. Only six percent of companies have made the list six times.

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Chris Wilkinson
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Winning customer experiences: Improving the purchasing journey

Today’s machinery buyers want to educate themselves about product features before engaging with a dealer or sales rep. This article explores why manufacturers must invest in a delightful digital experience if they want to win the sale using digital solutions.

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