Ethan Smith
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How experience design can fuel competitive advantage

“Focus on the user and all else will follow.” This is the opening statement of Google's guiding principles entitled, '10 things we know to be true.' That document sits within the 'about' section of their company website. Tucked away from beloved products like Google Search and Gmail, it's in all likelihood hardly noticed by the millions of people who use their products each day. Despite the fact this statement isn’t exactly being shouted from the mountaintops, Google chose to lead with it. Why?

Miguel Martinez
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Kristin Duhaime
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Integrating design with Dual-track Scrum and JIRA

To keep up with a constantly changing industry, we are always trying new tools and processes. About a year ago, we joined our development team in using JIRA as the primary tool to track our design tasks, and started using Dual-track Scrum. Here's how we've learned to integrate.

Kole Hainz
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The UX industry in 2016: a perspective

As an instructor for General Assembly, I’m often asked where I see the industry going and how I see UX differentiating itself in a world where everyone is a now designer by simply having opinions. These are the five most important events I see happening in the industry.

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