Brian Moore
By:Brian Moore Posted On: Topic:Design
Eric Strubinger
By:Eric Strubinger Posted On: Topic:Design

These are heady days: Interaction design in 2014

How many people can honestly say their profession improves the way society consumes information and performs daily tasks? As Interaction designers, we’re lucky enough to do this everyday. Our job is to make intuitive software and apps and efficiently relay information to the user.

Lingaile Ziukaite
By:Lingaile Ziukaite Posted On: Topic:Design

Mobile Apps and User Experience – Staying Ahead With Elegant and Up-To-Date Design

It’s easy to get used to good things. A considerable amount of good apps we use on a daily basis improve our (the consumer’s) general perception of UX. Because of the convenience imposed by good UX design, we’ve started to unconsciously plan how long it would take to complete a specific task. Any wrong decision can turn the user away, because it takes a few extra seconds to find desirable functions.

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