Adomas Tautkus
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Jamie Sebold
By:Jamie Sebold Posted On: Topic:Design
Eric Strubinger
By:Eric Strubinger Posted On: Topic:Design

Animation in UI: The future or a fading trend?

We are dedicated to the great task remaining before us – can we determine if sophisticated animation in UI is a fading trend, or is it the future of web and product design interactions?

Lingaile Ziukaite
By:Lingaile Ziukaite Posted On: Topic:Design

UI/UX trends: Staying ahead of the curve

Our mobile devices have permeated our everyday lives in unprecedented levels. From emails and texts not only to our friends but for work, social media and entertainment, maps and GPS guidance, we devote a lot of time to our phones, tablets and laptop computers. As a result, a few trends have popped up to make our lives easier. Here are a few of those trends.

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