Lingaile Ziukaite
By:Lingaile Ziukaite Posted On: Topic:Design

UI/UX trends: Staying ahead of the curve

Our mobile devices have permeated our everyday lives in unprecedented levels. From emails and texts not only to our friends but for work, social media and entertainment, maps and GPS guidance, we devote a lot of time to our phones, tablets and laptop computers. As a result, a few trends have popped up to make our lives easier. Here are a few of those trends.

Kristin Duhaime
By:Kristin Duhaime Posted On: Topic:Design

Breaking the pattern in web design

Designing for the web is no easy task. We must take a lot into consideration in order to solve both complex and simple usability problems. To solve these common problems we often refer to design patterns. Sometimes, design patterns are there for a reason. Other times, you can break those patterns and end up with a new innovation.

Ethan Smith
By:Ethan Smith Posted On: Topic:Design

Incorporating testing and feedback into the design process

Validation takes many forms, but this article focuses on a specific form, testing. It does not need to be complex, bloated or cumbersome. Repeat after me: a little tells you a lot and anything is better than nothing. That’s your testing (and research) mantra.

Kole Hainz
By:Kole Hainz Posted On: Topic:Design

30 days with Sketch

I’ve been evaluating Sketch for the past couple weeks primarily as a (static) wireframing and visual mockup tool. It’s absolutely the darling design program of the past year or so. Here's why.

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