Kristin Duhaime
By:Kristin Duhaime Posted On: Topic:Design

Breaking the pattern in web design

Designing for the web is no easy task. We must take a lot into consideration in order to solve both complex and simple usability problems. To solve these common problems we often refer to design patterns. Sometimes, design patterns are there for a reason. Other times, you can break those patterns and end up with a new innovation.

Ethan Smith
By:Ethan Smith Posted On: Topic:Design

Incorporating testing and feedback into the design process

Validation takes many forms, but this article focuses on a specific form, testing. It does not need to be complex, bloated or cumbersome. Repeat after me: a little tells you a lot and anything is better than nothing. That’s your testing (and research) mantra.

Kole Hainz
By:Kole Hainz Posted On: Topic:Design

30 days with Sketch

I’ve been evaluating Sketch for the past couple weeks primarily as a (static) wireframing and visual mockup tool. It’s absolutely the darling design program of the past year or so. Here's why.

Brian Moore
By:Brian Moore Posted On: Topic:Design
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