Vytautas Pranskunas
By:Vytautas Pranskunas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Deploy Applications Using XDT Configuration Transformations

There are many techniques to build and deploy projects. However, I am not going to discuss the pluses or minuses of any of them. This article is about using XDT configuration transformations and related tools to make deployment easier and cleaner.

Tomas Kirda
By:Tomas Kirda Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Deploying Windows Azure WebRole using CruiseControl.NET

This article describes how to setup Windows Azure Web Role (Cloud Service) deployment using the automated continuous integration server CruiseControl.NET. This process enables you to automatically create a package and deploy it to Windows Azure after every code check-in.

Darius Kucinskas
By:Darius Kucinskas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Devbridge Standard Web Project Template (Part 1)

Our Standard Web Project Template serves two purposes: to share expertise between developers and to make it easier for new team members to setup new web applications correctly. Here at Devbridge, we believe in open communication and like to share our knowledge with others who may find it helpful.  You can always get the latest version of StandardWebProjectTemplate from github.

Tadas Ziemys
By:Tadas Ziemys Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Face Recognition in iOS - Christmas Edition

One of these great frameworks is Core Image. It has many useful functions to work with pictures but we will use it’s face recognition function for the purpose of this article. Today I will show you the simplest way to recognize faces in live video.

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