Tadas Ziemys
By:Tadas Ziemys Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Is Native the Best Choice for Mobile Applications?

There are many solutions for mobile app development. There isn’t one simple answer and it really depends on what your goals are and what resources are available to you. This article explores the different choices for mobile application development.

Tomas Kirda
By:Tomas Kirda Posted On: Topic:Engineering

JavaScript Best Practices

The following is an article full of recommendations and general guidelines for writing clean JavaScript code. While our recommendations may change in the future as we build more sophisticated development tools or with new language features, one thing, however, will never change.

Audrunas Matonis
By:Audrunas Matonis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Knockout: A Real World Example

Knockout is a fast, extensible and simple JavaScript library designed to work with HTML document elements using a clean underlying view model. It helps to create rich and responsive user interfaces.

Darius Kucinskas
By:Darius Kucinskas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Lesson learned in refactoring ASP.NET MVC3 routes

Typical ASP.NET MVC applications will not face performance issues related to routing. General applications will have one default route ({controller}/{action}/{id}) and several custom ones. Our own custom-built CMS catches all non-custom routes. Therefore, we added a separate and distinct root for every action. You can say that our application is not a typical one – it has a large number of custom routes (approximately 300). Why do a large number of routes lead to performance issues?

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