Andrius Juskenas
By:Andrius Juskenas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

7 Sass techniques to help you write better code

Sass (syntactically awesome stylesheets) is a powerful tool that helps users write CSS with ease. In this post, I explore the more advanced possibilities of Sass, and detail seven techniques to help developers write more efficient code.

Rimantas Benetis
By:Rimantas Benetis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

How does your DevOps measure up?

With the sheer amount of software being created today, software development techniques are rapidly and continuously evolving. Even industries that previously had a very fixed cycle, such as car manufacturers, are moving towards continuous delivery. As more companies adopt an Agile development process to support continuous delivery, testing (or quality assurance) and delivery need to keep pace. Hence, the rise of DevOps, which manages the entire product lifecycle. But, there are varying levels of DevOps. In this post, we define those levels and share with you our approach. How does your enterprise measure up?

Rasa Mazutiene
By:Rasa Mazutiene Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Are we quality assurance or testers?

An often overshadowed aspect of building great products is ensuring these products are reliable and perform as expected. Similar to physical products, the quality of a digital product has a large impact on the customer/user experience. Typically, a quality assurance (QA) or testing team leads this effort. But, what is the difference between QA and testing, and does it matter? We believe so, and so should you.

Rimantas Benetis
By:Rimantas Benetis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

What comes after microservices? Serverless

As mentioned in my previous post, A path to microservices, adopting a microservices architecture is not simple. It requires many prerequisites to be managed successfully. With multiple services you quickly realize how many resources they use. Even the smallest service has a run-time footprint and consumes CPU cycles, even when sitting idle. Multiply this by number of services and you quickly get the picture. This post explores how this can be improved, and if it is possible to go beyond microservices to a serverless architecture.

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