Mantas Kunsmanas
By:Mantas Kunsmanas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

React: A front-end developer’s perspective

For those who have yet to work with React or who are considering working with React, Devbridge Group's latest article explains from a front-end developer's perspective what React is, how it works, and how to get along with it a little easier.

Tomas Kirda
By:Tomas Kirda Posted On: Topic:Engineering

To React or not to React?

Based on recent data, React has been rising in popularity. Devbridge Group's Co-Founder and Senior Software Architect explains why and answers the question, "Is it all hype, or the real deal?"

Paulius Maciulis
By:Paulius Maciulis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Continuous integration, delivery and deployment in .NET projects

Our recent post is a glance back at Devbridge Group's “Continuous Integration in .NET Projects” post from 2013. It looks at optimizing your development process from today's perspective. We identify some red flags to be on the lookout for, suggest best practices and offer tools and insights into our development process.

Vytenis Narusis
By:Vytenis Narusis Posted On: Topic:Engineering
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