Darius Kucinskas
By:Darius Kucinskas Posted On: Topic:Engineering
Darius Kucinskas
By:Darius Kucinskas Posted On: Topic:Engineering
Darius Kucinskas
By:Darius Kucinskas Posted On: Topic:Engineering
Gediminas Backevicius
By:Gediminas Backevicius Posted On: Topic:Engineering
Kestutis Buivydas
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What to Know When Writing and Implementing Single-Page Scroll

There are a lot of JavaScript plugins for single-page scroll readily available, but none that are easily integrated with other solutions, so we've written a new one. Here are the most important points to consider when writing and implementing a single-page scroll plugin.

Vaclovas Vicius
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Tomas Kirda
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Arunas Paskevicius
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Continuous Integration with TeamCity Server

We know that writing clean and modular code allows for a better reusability; we want our Continuous Integration tasks to be reusable in other projects as well. Having a background of Jenkins, CruiseControl and GO CD usage, we decided to stick with the JetBrains TeamCity server, that in my opinion is one of the best CI servers. It comes with a bundle of useful features out of the box.

Aurimas Adomavicius
By:Aurimas Adomavicius Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Agile for Fixed Bid Projects in Software Consulting

In this three-part article, I share tips and tricks that enable companies to successfully adopt Agile for fixed bid projects. While limiting, fixed bid projects are often gatekeepers to long-lasting relationships with exciting clients, as well as opportunities in disguise for larger process shifts in organizations.

Paulius Grabauskas
By:Paulius Grabauskas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Interconnecting Azure Cloud Applications

There are many ways to organize communication between applications, services and devices. In most cases it I a custom ad-hoc solution designed for specific needs of connected parts and is often implemented anew. Currently our primary application deployment platform is Azure cloud and we’ve become interested in one of the recently introduced services, Azure Service Bus, for exactly the reason of standardizing communications.

Brad Wechter
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A Matter of Security – Selfies, Money and Medical Information

Security has become a hot topic as of late. It’s not just concerns over getting mugged for your Apple iWatch or iPhone, either. Anxieties over the security of information that is stored in the cloud have surfaced, along with reports of security breaches on a high profile.

Viktorija Sprainyte
By:Viktorija Sprainyte Posted On: Topic:Engineering
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