Adomas Tautkus
By:Adomas Tautkus Posted On: Topic:Engineering

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

The pinch and the zoom. This action with our thumb and index fingers can be all-too-familiar if you've ever opened a website on your smart phone or tablet that was not optimized for mobile. The accidental tap. It can be both frustrating and reminiscent of an unpleasant game of hide and seek. According to a 2013 study by eMarketer, roughly 40% of Internet users access it through a mobile device, and it has been shown that Responsive Design websites retain visitors for longer periods of time and provide sustainable content strategies in the long run.

Rimvydas Urbonas
By:Rimvydas Urbonas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Automated User Interface Testing

UI testing is a process used to test the user interface of an application, and to detect if the application is functioning correctly. UI testing can be performed manually by a human tester, or it can be performed automatically with the use of a software program.

Rimvydas Paskevicius
By:Rimvydas Paskevicius Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Overview of the PHP World

PHP evolves at a rapid pace, both at the language level and at the community level. In fact, it evolves much faster than any other language or web platform.

Paulius Maciulis
By:Paulius Maciulis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Cloud Solutions for .NET projects

These days, cloud computing and cloud hosting are very popular topics and a lot of solutions already are cloud based. However, we still need to deal with some unanswered questions: what cloud provider to choose, what services we need to order, and how much it will cost. Today, we are going to explore the answers to all of these questions.

Marius Rybelis
By:Marius Rybelis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Basic Authentication for Windows Azure Websites

Suppose that you are building a fancy new website and want to show your progress to your client, but want to make sure that only trusted users can access the website. In this article I will show you how to build your own HTTP managed module to achieve basic authentication in Windows Azure websites.

Paulius Gabronis
By:Paulius Gabronis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Basic Introduction to: SASS - (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets)

These days, websites have become more and more complex, so we really need to have more control and space to spread web designers’ ideas. I can bet you probably write enough CSS to see hundreds, maybe thousands, of possibilities in the code to make it better, but you also pull your hair out over some of the limitations. Let’s go over the most advantageous features and create some sample code to prove that your stylesheets are worthy of being written in SASS.

Tomas Kirda
By:Tomas Kirda Posted On: Topic:Engineering

BluePay API .NET Wrapper

We use BluePay credit card processor for several of our projects and we found ourselves dealing with rather messy internals of the code that gets generated by the API. Our architect Tomas put together a clean and friendly .NET wrapper for the API which allows you to process credit cards, reserve an amount (Authorize), issue refunds, void transactions, debit funds from an Authorized transaction you performed in the last ten days.

Paulius Maciulis
By:Paulius Maciulis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Continuous Integration in .NET Projects

Today's blog post is about optimizing your development process. We will identify some red flags that you should be on the lookout for, suggest best practices, and offer insights into our development process and the related benefits.

Gediminas Backevicius
By:Gediminas Backevicius Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Create your Own Git Server on Azure Cloud

Git is a distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) system with an emphasis on speed. It can be adapted from small to very large projects. This technically deep article describes how to setup a private Git server on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Vytautas Pranskunas
By:Vytautas Pranskunas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Deploy Applications Using XDT Configuration Transformations

There are many techniques to build and deploy projects. However, I am not going to discuss the pluses or minuses of any of them. This article is about using XDT configuration transformations and related tools to make deployment easier and cleaner.

Tomas Kirda
By:Tomas Kirda Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Deploying Windows Azure WebRole using CruiseControl.NET

This article describes how to setup Windows Azure Web Role (Cloud Service) deployment using the automated continuous integration server CruiseControl.NET. This process enables you to automatically create a package and deploy it to Windows Azure after every code check-in.

Darius Kucinskas
By:Darius Kucinskas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Devbridge Standard Web Project Template (Part 1)

Our Standard Web Project Template serves two purposes: to share expertise between developers and to make it easier for new team members to setup new web applications correctly. Here at Devbridge, we believe in open communication and like to share our knowledge with others who may find it helpful.  You can always get the latest version of StandardWebProjectTemplate from github.

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