Vaclovas Vicius
By:Vaclovas Vicius Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Foundation 6: an advanced template review

With the release of Foundation 6, Zurb is promising lots of new stuff. Let’s take all of this new stuff into the light and see what we’ve got. Here is a review of everything for the sixth edition of Foundation, as straightforward and concentrated as possible.

Audrius Ziemelis
By:Audrius Ziemelis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

A DevOps approach for redesigning an aging product

When a brand new project is started from scratch, you are free to choose between any and all technologies, architecture, infrastructure and so on. But do you consider if these decisions will still be viable even a year, let alone five years down the line, after a product evolves? When do your systems become legacy systems, and how will you know when to redesign?

Tomas Teleisa
By:Tomas Teleisa Posted On: Topic:Engineering
Gediminas Stanaitis
By:Gediminas Stanaitis Posted On: Topic:Engineering

The Devbridge mobile performance tool: get on Google's good side

Over the summer, Google released an update for its search engine algorithm to boost the ranking of mobile-friendly websites. In response, we've created a mobile performance tool that helps developers ensure that their websites are on the "mobile-friendly" side of Google's judgements.

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