Alisa Mazeikiene
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Devbridge celebrates 'International Programmers' Day'

On Sept. 13, we celebrated 'International Programmers' Day' with a gift to the city of Vilnius, Lithuania. Working with the city, we installed a 'phone lane,' a dedicated pedestrian walkway for mobile users. This article details our celebration of programmers in Lithuania and around the globe.

Ed Price
By:Ed Price Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Voice-first application design and engineering: The voice-first landscape

As digital voice assistants become more common the devices we use, companies will need to adopt a voice-first approach to design and engineering if they want to stay competitive. In this article, we access the current state of voice technology, and how companies can quickly adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Veronika Stasaityte
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Devbridge Group named to Inc. 5000 list for sixth year in a row

For the sixth consecutive year, Devbridge Group has been named to the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in America. Inc. magazine revealed the list today, which ranks Devbridge as number 1623. Only six percent of companies have made the list six times.

Steve Brown
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Chris Wilkinson
By:Chris Wilkinson Posted On: Topic:Strategy

Winning customer experiences: Improving the purchasing journey

Today’s machinery buyers want to educate themselves about product features before engaging with a dealer or sales rep. This article explores why manufacturers must invest in a delightful digital experience if they want to win the sale using digital solutions.

Steve Brown
By:Steve Brown Posted On: Topic:Strategy

In the news: What’s the value of design thinking?

Given the promise of its value, it's no surprise that design thinking is often championed as a way to rapidly transform businesses. In two recent articles, experts from Devbridge were asked to weigh in: What is design thinking? Does it provide value? Is it working? If not, why?

Veronika Stasaityte
By:Veronika Stasaityte Posted On: Topic:News

Q&A: Devbridge managing director speaks at 'Women In Tech' event

Laura Graves, a Devbridge managing director, recently spoke at a ‘Women in Technology’ breakfast event in Chicago, hosted by General Assembly. Following her discussion on the panel, we sat down with Laura to talk about the event, career advice, and her thoughts on leadership.

Veronika Stasaityte
By:Veronika Stasaityte Posted On: Topic:News
Tulana Kpadenou
By:Tulana Kpadenou Posted On: Topic:Design

Web accessibility: A critical facet in design

Why is web accessibility so critical? Learn about the WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 guidelines from the W3C (commonly referred to as POUR), who needs to be compliant, the cost of noncompliance, and types of disabilities impairing web access.

Steve Brown
By:Steve Brown Posted On: Topic:News

Devbridge Group welcomes Gina Lijoi as managing director in Toronto

Devbridge Group recently announced that Gina Lijoi has joined its Toronto office as managing director. In her role leading the team in Toronto, Gina will work closely with our North American clients and internal teams to drive the delivery of quality digital solutions at industry leading speeds.

Viktorija Sprainyte
By:Viktorija Sprainyte Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Progressive web apps make mobile web more attractive

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are adding appeal to the mobile web, overcoming the downsides of mobile web apps and native apps. With a single code base, they are quicker, cheaper, and easier to create and launch. Consisting of an app shell with service workers and a manifest file, they offer many benefits.

Adam Rusciolelli
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