Justas Lauzadis
By:Justas Lauzadis Posted On: Topic:Engineering
Ed Price
By:Ed Price Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Navigating digital transformation: Go modular!

In today’s rapidly changing business world, companies must quickly and nimbly adapt to their customers’ needs. One way digital companies can achieve this agility is by embracing service-oriented architecture (SOA). In this article, we discuss the benefits of SOA, as well as steps companies can take embrace modular architecture in a digital transformation.

Vaclovas Vicius
By:Vaclovas Vicius Posted On: Topic:Engineering
Chris Wilkinson
By:Chris Wilkinson Posted On: Topic:Strategy

Navigating digital transformation: Focus on the customer

When navigating digital transformations, enterprises—especially those in financial services—often approach us with a similar dilemma: After small groups succeed, how do those successes scale? In this article, we outline how companies can scale digital transformation successfully by focusing on the customer.

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