Veronika Stasaityte
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Tulana Kpadenou
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Web accessibility: A critical facet in design

Why is web accessibility so critical? Learn about the WCAG 2.0 and 2.1 guidelines from the W3C (commonly referred to as POUR), who needs to be compliant, the cost of noncompliance, and types of disabilities impairing web access.

Steve Brown
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Devbridge Group welcomes Gina Lijoi as managing director in Toronto

Devbridge Group recently announced that Gina Lijoi has joined its Toronto office as managing director. In her role leading the team in Toronto, Gina will work closely with our North American clients and internal teams to drive the delivery of quality digital solutions at industry leading speeds.

Viktorija Sprainyte
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Progressive web apps make mobile web more attractive

Progressive web apps (PWAs) are adding appeal to the mobile web, overcoming the downsides of mobile web apps and native apps. With a single code base, they are quicker, cheaper, and easier to create and launch. Consisting of an app shell with service workers and a manifest file, they offer many benefits.

Adam Rusciolelli
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Aurimas Adomavicius
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5 steps to an agile transformation in manufacturing

Most digital leaders recognize the value of agile development, but many—particularly those in manufacturing—struggle to implement agile at scale. By changing just a fraction of processes and practices, organizations can realize 80 percent of the value of agile. In this article, we outline five ways companies can implement agile quickly for competitive advantage.

Veronika Stasaityte
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Andrius Skucas
By:Andrius Skucas Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Meet WAAPI: A better API for web animations

Looking for a new, better API for web animations? Learn about WAAPI, or the Web GUI administration API. It is significantly better than jQuery, enabling programmers to create CSS-like animations and manipulate animations in real time. It’s also easy to learn and continually improving.

Steve Brown
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Alisa Mazeikiene
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'Sourcery Academy for Kids' gets a presidential visit

On International Children's Day, Lithuanian president Dalia Grybauskaite visited Devbridge Group to laud 'Sourcery Academy for Kids,' a free social initiative that provides computer literacy to children, especially those in remote or economically underprivileged areas.

Arminas Katilius
By:Arminas Katilius Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Building prototypes with staying power

Here are essential tips for building prototypes or proofs of concept with staying power. They include: writing clean code and testing it, carefully weighing whether to use framework functionality, and remembering that trashed prototypes are not a waste of time.

Adam Rusciolelli
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