Steve Brown
By:Steve Brown Posted On: Topic:News
Steve Brown
By:Steve Brown Posted On: Topic:News

Defy Mediocrity recap: An evening of fun and inspiration

Devbridge closed out its summer by hosting a "Defy Mediocrity" open-house event. It was an evening of networking, inspiration, and fun with clients, friends, the Devbridge team and those interested in joining it. This article recaps the incredible evening.

Arminas Katilius
By:Arminas Katilius Posted On: Topic:Engineering

Why you should apply clean code processes to test code, too

Most developers put a lot of effort into creating good code structure. Similar clean code rules should also apply to test code, but this category is often overlooked. This article reviews some guidelines that help keep test code structured and organized.

Ed Price
By:Ed Price Posted On: Topic:Strategy

How organizations can shed the technical debt of legacy code

Few people get excited about digging into old "legacy code," but companies that delay too long will find themselves with heavy technical debt. This technical debt can result in an unserviceable application, or even worse, complete failure. This article explores methods businesses can use to tackle (and prevent) technical debt.

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