Chris Wilkinson
By:Chris Wilkinson Posted On: Topic:Design

More than pitches: How design shapes product

When you think about design, you might imagine advertising’s golden age. You’ve probably seen it on Mad Men: A challenge is presented to “the creatives,” they slip behind a curtain and reemerge with a dramatic, “grand reveal” design. The suspense and tension (not to mention liquid lunches) make for great TV, but not software delivery. This article instead analyzes the modern role of design on a product team, and how the role of design can catalyze those teams and provide immediate business value.

Ed Price
By:Ed Price Posted On: Topic:Strategy

After Equifax: How organizations can prevent data breaches

The recent Equifax data breach has reignited the national discussion on cybersecurity. Accusations and outrage abound, but how do companies prevent hacks like this from occurring in the future? This article details ways organizations can learn from the Equifax breach future compromises.

Steve Brown
By:Steve Brown Posted On: Topic:News

Recapping Sibos: Better, faster custom software on display

Devbridge Group was an exhibitor at this year’s Sibos conference in Toronto, the premier banking event in the world. While there, we shared how banks can move faster, announced a new office, and showcased our new PowerUp app. We also had some fun, inviting attendees to race around the Top Gear test track for prizes. This article highlights the exciting week.

Sriram Ramanujam
By:Sriram Ramanujam Posted On: Topic:Strategy

Introducing the new PowerUp app for iOS and Android

Today we’re thrilled to announce the release of our new PowerUp app. The enhanced PowerUp platform adds powerful new features to our product management tool, which offers unrivaled transparency in software development. This article details PowerUp's rich set of features.

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