The product manager’s guide to proactive risk management

How to mitigate product risk from building the wrong thing, poor technical planning, and bad process

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Meet Senior Test Engineer Anastasiya Liavotskaya

Senior Test Engineer Anastasiya Liavotskaya sits down with 15min to share her experience working and growing her career in IT.

Publish date:09.09.21
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

A closer look at Devbridge's Sourcery Academy

Vytautas Paulauskas, Dir. of Engineering, and Rimantas Benetis, Technology Director, share insights on the Sourcery Academy.

Publish date:09.01.21
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

How to recognize an opportunity and be ready to say yes

Career Cloud's Michael Gardon chats with Devbridge's Ray King about his experience as an immigrant, an expat at work, and growing a career.

Publish date:08.27.21
Author: Raymond King

Launching The Sourcery Academy for Developers in The Gambia successfully

Get the recap of The Gambian program launch, measurements of success, and future enhancements for the academy.

Publish date:08.19.21
Author: Raymond King

Record-breaking growth lands Devbridge on Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies

Continued focus on expanding services, operations, and geographies lands Devbridge 3878 on the Inc. 5000 list annually since 2013.

Publish date:08.18.21
Author: Stefanie Kulberg

6 lessons learned when building complex products

See how to tackle the complexities of building a healthcare system apply lessons learned to enterprise launch systems.

Publish date:08.12.21
Author: Zahra Sedaghat

Five patterns to follow for data streaming architecture unlike relational databases

Explore the five most common architectures unique to data streams compared to more traditional database design.

Publish date:08.09.21
Author: Vytautas Paulauskas

At Devbridge, The Team Matters

Three of our teammates spoke with Built In about the work we do, our company culture, and what makes them excited to come to work each day.

Publish date:07.22.21
Author: Stefanie Kulberg

Implementing perimeter security scans on cloud infrastructure

Our approach for perimeter scans, what open-source tools we use, and the benefits of these tools and tactics.

Publish date:07.15.21
Author: Vytautas Paulauskas

Apply meaningful metrics to makeover your product code

Devbridge President and co-founder Aurimas Adomavicius sits down with TechNewsWorld to share his perspective on product metrics.

Publish date:06.30.21
Author: Stefanie Kulberg
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Deliver high-quality experiences with service design

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A practical guide to face legacy system issues head-on

A practical guide to face legacy system issues head-on

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