Devbridge is officially transitioning to the Cognizant brand at the end of 2023. Come visit us at our new home as part of the Cognizant Software Engineering team.

The product manager’s guide to proactive risk management

How to mitigate product risk from building the wrong thing, poor technical planning, and bad process

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Product Thinking and Agile Funding – How to Avoid Wasting Money on Custom Software Development

This article explores three common risks, and how to avoid making them by leveraging product thinking and Agile funding best practices.

Publish date:12.14.22
Author: Lindsay English

IT company Devbridge to enter the Lithuanian market and develop technological solutions for Freda, a local furniture company

Technology consulting firm Devbridge (a Cognizant Softvision company) is beginning cooperation with a Lithuanian capital company – Freda.

Publish date:12.12.22
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

Devbridge head Viktoras Gurgždys elected Lithuanian CEO of the Year

Verslo Žinios – the only business newspaper in Lithuania – has selected the CEO of the Year.

Publish date:12.07.22
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

Two Approaches to Measuring Product Success

The Benefits of Product Analytics and Outcomes-Based Analytics

Publish date:10.27.22
Author: Virginia Graves

Devbridge earns the title of a fair paying company in Lithuania

Devbridge recognized for having the fairest remuneration in Lithuania.

Publish date:10.20.22
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

Programmers' day – IT professionals will come together for a marathon of free events

Publish date:08.25.22
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

How to win the title of the most desirable employer in a competitive market?

The strong team, international projects, and social responsibility earned the company the title of the most desirable employer in 2022.

Publish date:07.12.22
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

Devbridge keeps expanding by opening a new office in Poland

Devbridge has opened an office in Warsaw this May and promises to continue to expand actively throughout the region.

Publish date:07.07.22
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

IT company Devbridge opens a new office in Vilnius – hiring more employees in the capital

"Devbridge" moved to a completely newly designed spacious office on Žalgiris Street in the historic Skansenas district.

Publish date:07.06.22
Author: Dalia Petuškienė

The CISO guide to DevSecOps tactics and tools

Embed sustainable security tools and tactics in your organization with DevSecOps best practices.

Publish date:05.30.22
Author: Konstantinas Jurgilas
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Deliver high-quality experiences with service design

Deliver high-quality experiences with service design

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A practical guide to face legacy system issues head-on

A practical guide to face legacy system issues head-on

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