The product manager’s guide to proactive risk management

How to mitigate product risk from building the wrong thing, poor technical planning, and bad process

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Devbridge earns Miro expert status

We’re proud to be named Miro experts and offer customizable templates for workshops and stakeholder management.

Publish date:03.05.21
Author: Raymond King

Chicago designers share how they measure UX success

Hear from Chicago designers about how to use UX metrics to ensure product success.

Publish date:02.25.21
Author: Sarah Santi

Full Stack Friday: Managing product debt to maximize business value

Best practices for managing product debt strategically for increased product value, scalability, and market fit.

Publish date:02.24.21
Authors: Renata Vytautas

Product managers must learn to say no

Saying "yes" isn't always the best idea and can damage results. Hear from product leaders about when to say no and why.

Publish date:02.12.21
Author: Laura Graves

Growth and expansion plans for global custom software company

Read about Devbridge’s explansion plans for 2021 and maintaining continued rapid growth in North America and Europe.

Publish date:02.12.21
Author: Rasa Petruškevičiūtė

Full Stack Friday: Just ship it

Learn about tactics used for modern continuous deployment to ship products and features fast.

Publish date:02.03.21
Author: Nikolaj Tolkačiov

Devbridge hires new MD in London and promotes leaders to new opportunities

Ian Spatz joins Devbridge as MD, with Ray King (Global Head of Sales) and Renata McCurley (Director of Product Management) promoted.

Publish date:02.02.21
Author: Stefanie Kulberg

Full Stack Friday: Design is a business job

Tactics successful design leaders use to take ownership of their role in the business.

Publish date:01.29.21
Author: Christopher Wilkinson

Advancing from continuous delivery to continuous deployment

The process and configuration improvements to advance beyond continuous delivery to continuous deployment.

Publish date:01.25.21
Authors: Aurimas Nikolaj Vytautas

Building and deploying microservice applications

Download the white paper for guidance on how to evaluate and determine when to leverage the benefits of microservices.

Publish date:01.19.21
Authors: Ed Aurimas Rimantas
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